Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What does GKT stand for?

A: GKT stands for Guy’s, King’s, and St. Thomas’ School of Medicine, which is where this society was historically based. However, the society is by no means just for medical students – we welcome students and alumni from all over King’s and University of London.

Q: Who can join?

A: Anyone who is a King’s College London or University of London student or alumni can participate; unfortunately we cannot accept members outside of these prerequisites due to KCL Student Union restrictions 😦

Q: How good do you have to be?

A: Singers and players from all skill levels are welcome! Whether you practice every day, or haven’t picked up your instrument in the past five years, we’d still love for you to play with us. Feel free to drop by one of our rehearsals to see if our music is right for you.

Q: What kind of music do you guys play?

A: We strive to use a mix of classical and modern pieces – last year, we had a Russian-themed Christmas concert featuring Tchaikovsky, with traditional carols, and then a movie-themed spring concert with music from Pirates of the Caribbean. If you have any suggestions about repertoire, come talk to us at rehearsals or send us a message on Facebook!

Q: Do you have activities outside of rehearsals and concerts?

A: Yes!!! We have social events, ranging from casual nights out to attending open rehearsals together. We’ll keep you up to date on these with emails and posts – they’re great fun and a good way to meet loads of people who love music as well, so we encourage you to come out as much as you can!

Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/gktmusic/) and to check out the rest of our website for more information. If you have any unanswered questions, we are always reachable at gktmusicsoc@gmail.com.

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